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how to plan a low budget wedding

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Real Life Budget Micro Wedding under $1200

Cadence and Brenden's Micro Wedding

Candence and Brenden tied the knot in their own backyard with a small gathering of family and friends and their two sons on the 27th June 2020. They had a simple Spring flower theme and with an initial wedding budget of $2,000 they managed to spend just $1,200! Congratulations to you both and may you have a wonderful happy future together.

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real life micro backyard wedding 2020

In Cadence's own words

I married my childhood sweetheart

We were just 15 when we first started dating. We met in a run down highschool in the middle of nowhere. Brenden immediately became my best friend and I knew we would be together, I just had to wait. 

June 25th 2014 he asked me out and that's where our journey began. I knew then he was all I would ever need and in 2016 he asked if I would marry him. I said yes though he didn't believe that I would.

The following year, Feb 2017 we welcomed our first son. Aged only 17 and 18 at this time, I figured Brenden would run as soon as he got the chance but I couldn't have been more wrong! 

real life micro backyard wedding 2020

Brenden worked hard to finish school and get a full time job so he could support our young family. He was even able to save for an engagement ring and so he proposed to me again, properly this time while we were dancing with our 10 month old.

we said "I do" 27th June 2020

real life micro backyard wedding 2020

In Nov 2018 we welcomed our second son and Brenden worked harder still enabling us to get our own place. All this time he ensured we were happy and didn't go without even though saving to have the wedding we always talked about.

real life micro backyard wedding 2020

​Our Real Life Mirco Wedding

We had our immediate family and grandparents with us to celebrate. It was so hot and windy and our air-conditioning went out. Our dogs were being crazy and our babysitter cancelled so we had to keep our sons home while we got ready and to top it off our printer stopped working so we had to write out our vows by hand. Brenden ran around setting-up while I got ready.

In the afternoon we returned to the exact spot where we first met, our old highschool. It was perfect being there and laughing with Brenden.

When we got back our drive-way was filled with cars so I ran into our house while Brenden went to greet everyone.

My dad walked me down the aisle while the wrong song played but it didn't matter. My son asked me to open the juice box for him while his dad was starting his vows, that didn't matter either. I was marrying my best friend on almost the exact date that meant so much to us 6 years ago.

real life micro backyard wedding 2020

Nothing would have made me happier even with all the things that went wrong. These will make great stories for us to laugh over in years to come.

The finer details

Total Wedding Cost:  $1,200

  • Invites for $20 on Vista print
  • We had 40 guests including the photographer and her assistant. We also live-streamed to around 70 others.
  • We made all our own food and bought bulk from a local butcher. Came to $2 ahead which was crazy!
  • The wedding dress cost $65 from Fashion Nova and my husbands suit we bought from Walmart for $60.
  • We asked a rec center to rent chairs and tables and they gave them to us free of charge.
  • For music we got speakers and made our own playlists
  • I found our floral decor for free on Facebook in a group for gifting things.
  • We decided as thank you gifts we would make a CD of our wedding photos and it's playing our song in the background. That cost about $1 per person.
  • We hired a photography student to take our pictures. If you go this route make sure you talk about your style and wants as this will likely be their first wedding and you can do a test run with engagement shoot. The student we hired had done our family, engagement, boudoir then finally our wedding so we knew we liked her shooting style. Photos featured here were edited, enhanced and decorated by LeahG of LowBudgetWedding.Network - Free .
  • I did my own makeup and hair.
  • My husband built our wedding arch for $40 and got marble tables free on the same group I got the flowers.
real life micro backyard wedding 2020
real life micro backyard wedding 2020

What would you change if you could do it again?

Everything that could've gone wrong did go wrong but I wouldn't change it. We will have a big celebration with a vow renewal in a couple years and celebrate with our whole family - we intially wanted 200 people but I wouldnt change our wedding day.

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