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Halloween Wedding​

Nicole & Russell Cammaroto married 31st October 2020

Our love story - In their own words ...

The perils of online dating

"Online dating can be a nightmarish world of insanity. And for two people in the far away land of New Jersey, the road to love had been fraught with potholes and speed bumps.

 Awkward dates, encounters with shallow and dangerous characters. Sometimes dates where multiple people showed up. Apps were uninstalled and reinstalled again. And for both, it seemed that a connection would never be made. Until one day, when pizza brought these two together."  

real life zoom wedding

"A straightforward date. He talked about movies and comic books. She talked about horror novels and creepy (yet still cute) puppets. There was a chemistry that couldn’t be denied, and another date would follow. Soon, another date. And another."

Nicole & Russell Cammaroto​ 31st October 2020

They found themselves locked out of his car!

navy blue anemone flowers

They found themselves locked out of his car in Newark, on their way to see Jeff Dunham. She broke back into his car Lickety split and the bonds of love grew deeper. That was their first Valentine’s Day.

real life zoom wedding