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Flordeliza and Richard Uno Married 22nd December 2020

A Love Sparked By Tinder  - in the bride's own words

"I had joined Tinder as I needed a friend and someone to talk to. I met my husband Richard via the app, we became friends, lovers and a year later we were planning our wedding! We married on the 22nd December 2020. This result was anything but expected when I joined Tinder.

Planning was a challenge due to misfortunes, petty arguments over the wedding planning details and then came the Pandemic.

Congratulations to this beautiful couple may you both have a happy and healthy life together.

Due to pandemic, our budget was smaller than we had initially planned for and so we tried to do as much as possible ourselves (DIY) despite having a planner. Some of the things we had initially wanted we had to leave out as we could no longer afford them.

For the pre nup photoshoot, I made my own white dress and I altered the size and design of our beach shorts and bought a pre loved beach top. My prenup wedding photographer (Maid of Honor), Make-up-artist and Hair Stylist (Bridesmaids) are best friends of mine and we grabbed the opportunity to have a DIY prenup during a short beach trip.

Days before the wedding disaster struck! I had Pneumonia and a UTI and due to the COVID19 Pandemic my company advised me to take time off work and rest. This turned out to be an advantage as I could then focus on our wedding when I was feeling well enough to do so. The downside though we had even less money now to put towards the wedding due to loss of pay.

By the grace of the almighty Lord, we were blessed with our sponsors who helped us pay for our wedding package in full and on time. Our wedding was successful and everyone was happy. I was smiling and laughing from the church to the reception whilst my new husband was very excited and nervous.

One thing I've learned, if it is meant to be it will be."