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20 Great Ideas for Engagement Photos

and 88 Couple Photos - Be inspired and Pin Your Favs!

Many couples are now having a pre-wedding photo shoot to create engagement 

photos which they use for their save the dates or for a memory of their engagement. 

Featured here are some couple photos and great venue ideas to inspire your own engagement photo shoot.

20 great venues and ideas for your engagement photos

  1. Countryside, field setting - wildflowers, long grass - having fun
  2. Park - flowers, picnic blanket, flying a kite
  3. Woodland, Forest - trees and winding pathways -walking, holding hands
  4. Beach, sand and sea location. Pics of hearts drawn in the sand, sandcastles, paddling in the sea. 
  5. Pretty backyard, garden - create a scene with hay bales, flowers, bunting
  6. Petting Farm - local farm, petting cute animals
  7. Zoo - photos with exotic animals, birds in the backdrop
  8. Rowing boat on a river/lake 
  9. Horse riding together
  10. Cycling - ride a cycle for two, romantic photos with bike in backdrop
  11. Sunsets - silhouette pics against a sunset - find a tall hill
  12. Formal dancing - any venue with a great backdrop
  13. Romantic Bridge over a stream
  14. Floral Archway - find a great spot or construct an artificial arch
  15. Fair Ground - fun photos on rides, carousel, big wheel.
  16. Enjoying a game of golf or other sport
  17. Hygge Life - snuggle with coco, good books infront of roaring fireplace
  18. Sexy boudoir photos - bed, roses, chocolate strawberries
  19. Fun bubble bath - share a tub, lot of bubbles and Champagne
  20. Pet Pics - if you have pets, do some fun pet couple pics
engagement photo ideas poses pics

If you want something a little arty and bit more unique you could try silhouette photos against a scenic sky. Take images of hands entwined showing off your engagement rings. If you're having an engagement photo shoot at the beach, you can draw hearts in the sand, names, build a sandcastle together, paddle in the sea, and have a romantic picnic. 

You can sex it up and have a little more intimate style photos, the choice is endless. Whatever you do ensure the scene and poses are authentic to who you are as a couple and show you both loved up and natural.

image source pixabay