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Coming Soon! Zazzle Instant Digital Downloads, Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates


Why wait for manufacture and shipping when you can order, download, print and mail it the same day! You can even share it digitally to avoid paper and postage costs.


zazzle digital downloads
zazzle digital downloads

How does it work

CANVA -  Design and Print Tool

For both Zazzle Creators and Zazzle customers, the announcement that stationery designs can shortly (release date on way) be downloaded instantly digitally is fantastic news. In addition to some of the best quality, lowest price, and most affordable budget printed wedding invitations available online, you will soon be able to purchase invites and save the dates as instant digital downloads. At first, this will only be accessible on a small number of Zazzle items, but following the initial launch, expansion to more products is anticipated. We are excited to announce that we have opted in to have all of our latest wedding stationery made available for instant digital download.

Why do I need an instant digital download of my Zazzle Wedding Invitation?

1. You may have guests who missed the first round of invitations 

If you are inviting an extra guest  (perhaps they are filling a space created after another guest declined the invitation) purchasing an instant download of your Zazzle wedding invitation means no delay while you wait for the invitations to be printed and shipped to you. You can print the invitation yourself at home and post it, it is quick and convenient.

zazzle digital downloads

2. You want to print out your own wedding invitations

There are several reasons why engaged couples may choose to print their own invitations, not the least of which is the convenience of having the invitations ready when you need them, without having to wait for shipment. You can print extras, be versatile with paper and card options, and save money on printing if you believe it is a cost-effective option. Zazzle print options are highly competitive, so compare their printing prices before believing you can print your own wedding invitations at home for less money. When evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of printed versus digital download wedding invites and diy self-printing, don't forget to account for the costs of ink, paper or card, envelopes and what your printer can handle!

 3. You want to save money and the planet by sending digital wedding invitations

You can forward your wedding invitation digital download from Zazzle as an image file to your guests via email, text or other sharing app. This will reduce printing and postage costs, helping you achieve your budget wedding challenge. If you're sharing your image, download as a PNG file. For printing your download a PDF doc or Jpeg file is best. Your print shop will advise further.

4. To view a sample

You might want an instant sample printed on your own home printer to see how the invitation works for you when you are able to have it in your hand. It's not an ideal sample as colors and paper/card quality will be different when printed on your home printer to a professional quality print from Zazzle. But it might still be something you might want to consider. This is unlikely to be a cost-effective way to obtain a sample, but the benefit is, it is instant!

Wedding Invitations $1, £1 or LESS with Volume Dis

How does it work?

From the (date to be advised) on eligible products from Zazzle, you will now be able to order an instant digital download of your wedding invitation or save the date as well as other forms of stationery, invitations and greeting cards (not just weddings). When a customer purchases an instant digital wedding invitation download, they will receive a Download License allowing them permission to access and edit the template, download the file to their device, share, and print. 

NOTE you can only order a digital download of your Zazzle wedding invitation if it is a Download-enabled product.


Can you download wedding invitation templates from Zazzle?

Soon, you will be able to download your designs from Zazzle (via chosen goods) to use as eVites, to print yourself, to have printed from another vendor, or to forward digitally as an image file via email, text, and other digital communication channels. Stay tuned for Zazzle updates when this brand new feature will go live. 

Can you print your own wedding invitations using Zazzle templates?

Soon, you will be able to use Zazzle to create designs (on selected products), then order the file for digital, instant download so that you can print your own wedding invitations at home. This will allow you to avoid delays caused by shipping and manufacturing, as well as restrictions regarding the number of copies that can be ordered.

Can you send eVites or digital Wedding Invitations, Save dates via Zazzle?

You will soon be able to edit your chosen wedding invitation or save the date design on Zazzle and purchase it as an instant digital download (via selected products). This image file can then be forwarded as an evite or instant digital invitation via email or text. The recipient will not be able to RSVP using this template, but they can respond using the standard email text method. When editing a design, make sure that the invite's proportions will fit nicely on most mobile phone or digital device screens. Obviously, this will vary greatly because your guests will use different devices to open your instant digital wedding invitation or save the date file, so it will appear differently on each. There is no way to ensure a perfect fit, so just do your best, and Zazzle Designers will do their best to ensure a practical template layout to suit a variety of digital invitation and evite needs when creating designs for digital download.

How do I get a Digital File of my Zazzle Wedding invitation? 

Soon, you will be able to order a digital download of your wedding invitation (on selected products). Designers and Zazzle will decide which products and designs are eligible for this service. When the service becomes available, you will be able to order a digital download file from your product page. If the option is not visible, it means that the service is not available for that particular design or product type. You can always contact the designer to see if they can accommodate your request, but there is no guarantee they will be able to or want to do so. Different designers on Zazzle have license agreements for the images they use that may prohibit the use of digital downloads, and in those instances the wedding design template will not be included for intsant download as a digital file. Alternatively, some designers may be concerned about abuse of their copyrights and as such elect not to be part of the instant digital download service. As independent designers on Zazzle, each designer will be able to choose what designs are included and if they wish to opt in or out of this service. 

Can I get a PDF of my Zazzle wedding invitation?

Soon you will be able to order a digital download (PDF ) of certain selected products via Zazzle, which includes eligible wedding invitations and save the dates. You will be able to order them as jpg, png, and PDF files. Not all Zazzle templates and designs will be eligible to download as a PDF doc (or jpg/png). If the digital download option is not visible on the Zazzle product page then it is not available. Contact the Zazzle store owner to see if they are able to accommodate your PDF doc and download of wedding invitation request. You are welcome to contact ME (LeahG) for digital downloads of all my wedding invitations once Zazzle makes this option live. Coming soon!

Digital versus Paper Invitation FAQS

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Zazzle Instant Download Invitations vs Printed Invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, you and your partner have two major options: printed or digital. Each alternative has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making the decision far more hard than it appears. To make things easier, read on to discover more about the advantages and disadvantages of quick downloads and printed wedding invites, as well as some helpful hints on how to choose which choice is best for you.

What is the cost of your Zazzle wedding invitations?

Many couples, prefer printed versions simply because they look nicer and feel more special. They remain the more popular invite among guests. It's your lucky day since wedding invitations may be purchased for as little as $0.28! That's 100 invites, printed for $28! This is our lowest budget Zazzle wedding invitation, it does not include envelopes, but you can buy those cheaply online from sites like Amazon. Spending a little more approx $1 and you can include envelopes and purchase a sturdier card/paper type. With Zazzle wedding sales, you can make further savings and grab some amazing bargains, so why opt for an instant digital download file instead?

Remember that, while digital wedding invitation downloads are less expensive than traditional methods, it still adds up if you plan on sending out a large number of invitations (around 100). This could imply spending around $12 for your digital download template to save money at first but then spending more later when printer ink, cardstock and postage is factored in. So, before deciding whether to go digital or traditional print, consider how much you can afford to spend and how much customization is vital to you—both now and when it comes time to send out your invitations. If you want anything particularly special, such as engraved invitations or personalized calligraphy, you should usually stick to traditional printing.

The primary distinction between Zazzle instant downloads and printing is speed: 

Most printer services deliver their items in seven days or less, however you can have a wedding invitation image file the same day if it is via instant digital download. This means you can print and post the same day if you have the equipment at home to do so.  Because of the speedier turnaround time, instant digital wedding invitation downloads are clearly a superior option if you need your invitations quickly.

With home printing you can print off uneven amounts and extras without shipping costs and delays

Some customers prefer quick downloads because they believe they get more bang for their buck by having endless access to designs and fonts. You can print an amount that isn't possible when ordering, and print off extras without having to wait again for manufacture and shipping as well as all those associated costs. 

DIY printing expenses

You're on a budget and want to save money on wedding invites, but will they seem tacky or cheap? There's nothing cheesier than cheap wedding invites, which can give your guests the impression that you didn't put much effort into organizing one of their most cherished memories. DIY printing provides you with more control over the cost of your invitations. However, if you choose the DIY route, keep in mind that there will be fees associated with designing and printing them yourself, such as purchasing card stock at an office supply store (which is more expensive than standard printer paper) or paying someone else to create them for you.  Once individuals RSVP, you may need to order more cards, which can rapidly add up! 

If printing isn't your thing, consider getting ZAzzle digital invitations as an instant download instead. 

They are not only less expensive, but they also give you complete creative freedom without the worry of production or shipping costs. However, many people nowadays prefer tactile products, so if instant-download digital isn't cutting it, go for printed ones. 

What kind of cardstock do I require for my selfprinted invitations?

Cardstock is an essential consideration when deciding how to order wedding invitations online. What kind of cardstock do I require for my invitations? Will I require thick or thin? What kind of finish do I want on my invitation? In reality, you can utilize a choice of cardstocks with your print-at-home wedding invitation set. The most common stock is 110 lb., which is frequently used for laser printers. We recommend utilizing at least 120lb. paper. Additionally, ensure that your printer can print on both sides of the paper. Many household inkjet printers cannot print double-sided, so if it is crucial to you, be sure it is feasible before purchasing anything! 

Advantages to home printing wedding invitations

There are numerous advantages to printing your own wedding invitations at home: You can customize them however you want; they are less expensive than traditional invites; you can send them immediately after ordering; you have more control over design elements such as fonts, colors, and wording; there are fewer mistakes because there aren't multiple hands involved in making them; they make excellent keepsakes. However, there are several disadvantages to doing it yourself: Printing and assembling all of those pieces takes time.

Depending on how you print them, some assembly may be required; if not done correctly, things can look homemade or unprofessional. Whether DIY printing is right for you is primarily determined by your personal preferences and budget. If you really want personalized stationery but don't believe paying for expert services is within your budget, consider doing it yourself. Furthermore, having a number of options for mailing invites means that no matter what type of wedding invitation style you want, you'll find something within your budget here at Invitations by Dawn!

How much time have you given yourself before the wedding date to issue digital invitations and receive RSVPs?

Online invitations often have a longer window for sending out invites and receiving RSVPs than physical invitations.  With an instant-download invitation, for example, you may send your invitations two months in advance and still receive RSVPs in time for your big day. Immediate downloads give you extra time to work with potential visitors who may be traveling or have a hectic schedule. The disadvantage? You have no physical confirmation of their response; all they have to do is click yes on your invitation email. However, if you chose rapid downloads, be sure to call or text your visitors within 24 hours of receiving their invitations to confirm their participation.

Could you invite more guests after the initial set of invites has been distributed?

If guests react in such large numbers, whether you use an online or traditional wedding invitation method, you may be able to print extra invitations. The major disadvantage of doing so is the cost of printing more invitations, which can soon pile up. This is why you should order more of your primary batch than you originally planned. Here are some reasons why you should consider obtaining more invitations. Extra guests? Not a problem, you'll have enough invitations on hand to send out as many as you need—no need to run out and buy more at the last minute.

Sending digital wedding invitations helps to reduce waste.

Being environmentally conscious is a vital component of any zero-waste lifestyle, and it's even more important if you're attempting to save money by sending digital wedding invitations. Consider how much time you'll save by minimizing your paper consumption—and don't forget that digital invitations take up significantly less space in your home than traditional printables, saving you money on storage as well! If you must send printed invitations, there are numerous ways to reduce waste without sacrificing elegance or quality. Using recycled paper is an excellent method to reduce waste while still adding flare to your invitation. If you want something a little nicer, consider going with an eco-friendly invitation provider  which use 100% post-consumer recycled stock in all of their goods. You can also inquire about recycled envelopes to ensure that everything used in your order is reused at least once before being sent out into the world!

What is the best time to send out wedding invitations?

When do you send out wedding invites? You may have heard that it is dependent on your wedding date, but this is not always the case. There is no specific deadline to send out invitations for a destination wedding or a casual celebration, but they should be issued at least six months in advance. 

How to access an instant digital download of your LeahG Zazzle wedding invitation or save the date

  1. Purchase the digital licence from your Zazzle wedding invitation listing(s). Note that not all product designs will be available for instant download. View FAQS below for more details re that.When you have purchased the Zazzle digital Instant Download, you will receive a private link to a copy of your chosen design where you can edit the template details as well as download the flat file (.JPG, .PNG, .PDF) to your device.
  2. Edit your Zazzle wedding save the date or invitation template online and save the finished design.
  3. Download the saved flattened Zazzle wedding design as png, jpg or pdf. 'Flattened' means that the file you receive is the finished item, there will be no customizable template fields.
  4. Share or Print the Zazzle downloaded image file as desired and in accordance with usage rules.

What can be edited on a LeahG Zazzle digital template?

  • All or some of the wording on your Zazzle wedding invitation can be edited depending on the template. You can change the font type, size, color. Move the text etc. Some text is an image file and cannot be changed.
  • Images on many LeahG designs are not designed to be changed unless they are photo placeholders or qr codes in which case you replace them with your own.
  • In many (not all) cases you can change or add a background color.

What are the file size and dimensions that come with an Instant Zazzle Download?

Details as provided by Zazzle:

  • A .jpg of the selected design view. This is a lower resolution file that is ideal for sharing (1280px)
  • A .png of the selected design view. This is a higher resolution file and better for transparency (2048px)
  • A .pdf file combining all of the design views. All pages in the file are flattened and compressed. Ideal for sharing. (150dpi)
  • A .pdf file combining all of the print views. This is a flattened file. All pages in the file are flattened and compressed. Ideal for printing (150dpi)

How to print your Zazzle digital download invitation

Download your instant digital Zazzle file as one of the following depending on how you intend to use it.

  1. PDF     - 150dpi, for sharing, DIY home printing or print shop.
  2. JPEG  - 1280px for evites, emails and online sharing
  3. PNG    - 2048px for online sharing (works better with transparent backgrounds)

  • Online Printing

I have partnered with Prints of Love who provide fast, quality printing, free envelopes and free shipping within the US . For an additional 10% discount use code: 'leahg10' during checkout.

  • DIY Home Printing

Download as a PDF doc  with the "Save Paper" and "Show Trim Marks" options selected. Re paper/card type, check your printer is compatible with your chosen card stock. It is likely you will need something slightly thinner than if you were ordering from a professional printer. 

  • Cardstock - Amazon
Hamilco Cardstock 100 x 5x7, 100lb

Suitable for LASER, INKJET & COPIER PRINTING. NOTE: EXTRA THICK CARDSTOCK - consult your printer manual before ordering to ensure it can handle 100lb Cover Cardstock.270 GSM with full 98 brightness.


LeahG Zazzle Digital Download TERMS

  • The purchase of a template is ONLY FOR ONE-TIME USE. You may modify, save, and download your template for a single event ONLY.
  • The template is only valid for one event. It is illegal to use the template for multiple events or to create templates for other purposes, and doing so may result in your access being canceled. Sharing the template is not permitted and Zazzle may cancel accounts for misuse. Copyright abuse may be followed up with legal action. Templates may not be resold, edited and resold, or used for any commercial purposes, uploading to other POD sites etc.

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