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Star Fish Themed Wedding Stationery 

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The budget invitations are slightly smaller than A6 and do not include envelopes, hence their bargain price. You can however buy envelopes cheaply and easily via Amazon (or other suppliers).

We do offer regular sized 5x7 invitations in this collection which include envelopes. There is a price jump however. Check the current salesto see which option offers the best value for you.

Fresh and modern are the key ingredients of this beach themed wedding collection designed by Gold Pro Zazzle Designer LeahG on behalf of the  Low Budget Wedding Network. 

Featuring watercolor aquamarine blue and a subtle lime green, the colors compliment each other beautifully and will suit any beach wedding where the colors fit the landscape, beach and ocean theme. 

Graphics are of the very popular Starfish and on some items you'll see a super cute Octopus! 

The text layouts for invitations offer a few options to suit individual tastes and all include text template fields on both sides so you can make further savings by adding rsvp, gift registry, reception, directions etc. without the need for additional pieces of paper/card. Great for the environment too!

How To Plan a Beach Wedding

It may be the most romantic way for some couples to get married if they could jet off to their favorite location for an exotic beach paradise or tropical island wedding. And, given that getting married abroad can be far less expensive than getting married at home, this appears to be the ideal option for any couple. You have to give up a lot of control when getting married abroad and having a beach wedding because you can't be there to see everything before it happens. As a result, it is critical that you carefully select a travel agent.

There is no such thing as a "right" or "wrong" approach to plan a beachfront wedding. A big party or a small gathering can both be made into a memorable occasion. You have two options: hire everything out and pay a lot of money, or make everything yourself and save money. It's completely up to you! There is no such thing as a "right" or "wrong" approach to plan a beachfront wedding. A big party or a small gathering can both be made into a memorable occasion. You have two options: hire everything out and pay a lot of money, or make everything yourself and save money. It's completely up to you!

Destination tropical weddings necessitate similar planning to regular weddings, with the exception of a few differences that may be more challenging to manage. You may have to rely on the resort or a wedding planner to help you figure out all of the specifics for your destination wedding, which offers a unique difficulty. Because you may not be able to arrive on site until a day or two before your wedding, you'll need a strong team to help you plan from afar.

The day before the wedding, go to your wedding location. This will allow you to guarantee that it is easily accessible, direct guests, and find parking.

If you're having a sunset wedding, make sure you reserve your officiant and photographer ahead of time. Sunset weddings are the most popular time of day, and it may be tough to locate someone at the last minute.

Beach weddings are quite popular. Inform your photographer if you'll be shooting at the beach. They might have some suggestions. Summers can be exceedingly hot and humid. Consider this while you plan your gown, hair, makeup, and cake. (The frost may melt.)


If you're thinking about having a beach wedding and getting married abroad, you'll need to do your research first. Learn more about the wedding package, such as what services are included and when the ceremony can be held. Weddings are often held Monday through Friday, with the exception of public holidays, but some hotels limit the number of weddings that can be held each day.

A beach wedding is not always legal in the country you've picked, so double-check before you schedule your trip. Inquire about family and friend discounts, whether the ceremony will be in English, and whether your hotel has a separate room where you may each get ready for the wedding.


The weather will also play a role in determining your wedding attire. Choose a dress with short or no sleeves for warmer temperatures. Following the ceremony, you may wish to consider having a detachable train that may be removed for further comfort. For the groom, choose a linen suit with a short-sleeved shirt. 

What happens in the event of rain? Is it possible to move the wedding indoors or change the date? Ideally, there will be no rain on your tropical island wedding day. It's also a good idea to consider the wind while deciding where to sit on the beach. If at all possible, try to find a "cove" on the beach that is protected from the wind.


On the beach, you'll find bugs and sunshine! When arranging your event, keep your guests' comfort in mind. Provide sunscreen and insect repellent for anyone who forgot to bring their own.


If you do not rent flooring to place beneath the chairs, they may sink into the sand. A "beach blanket" reception, on the other hand, will not require any seats. Remember to be respectful of your elderly guests. Take care of their safety and well-being. As a result, you'll need to provide beach chairs and umbrellas for them.


Consider being married early in the morning, followed by a lovely brunch reception. Isn't it time for a beach wedding and a barbecue? To keep everyone entertained, organize a sandcastle building contest or a volleyball game. Get married before the sun goes down. Following the ceremony, there will be a reception with wine and cheese, as well as dancing.

You'll have to determine which path to take based on your guest list and budget. Buffets or food stations are the ideal option for receptions at casual beach weddings. They're also less priced! If you're preparing this type of event yourself, you don't need to employ a caterer. I'm sure this campaign would be a terrific way for the women in your family who enjoy cooking to become engaged. 


At formal afternoon weddings, conventional "sitting down" menus are expected. Caterers will be in high demand. You can enjoy the convenience of having everything taken care of for you for a price. To save money, you'll need to limit the menu and the quantity of attendees.

So, if you're planning a large wedding with a large number of guests and a limited budget, avoid getting married in the afternoon. The visitors, who will be hungry, will look forward to the dinner reception. Consider arranging a reception that includes breakfast, brunch, or cocktail hour instead. If you're planning a beach party, consider a "come and go" feel. Make sure your friends and family know when you're leaving so they can say their goodbyes.


Beach wedding cakes come in a variety of styles and sizes. Bring your creativity to the table. It is a good idea to sketch out your design on paper and bring it to your preferred baker. If you can imagine anything, someone will make it a reality! A three-tiered cake isn't your only option. The choices are practically unlimited, whether it's a sheet cake, sculptured cake, tiny cakes, cupcakes, or even biscuits. Rather than a large cake at the head table, some brides choose for a one- or two-tiered individual wedding cake for each guest table. It also serves as a table centerpiece, which is always a plus. 

This saves you money because each table does not require a wedding centerpiece. Don't forget about the sun because your wedding may take place on the sand! The heat of the sun will have little effect on your event, whether it is held at dawn or at night. A "ornamental" cake might be a preferable choice in this scenario. If you and the groom decide to cut the cake, you are welcome to consume the bottom tier. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't melt! Consider hanging your cake with tulle in a gorgeous pattern to keep bugs and sand out. It would be both attractive and practical.

Individual cake boxes in various colors and designs are an excellent way to personalize your desserts. Fill them with your wedding program or thank-you cards, then tie a ribbon around each one. Store them in a cooler until you're ready to serve them. You can use them as a wedding favor as well as a keepsake.


A tropical wedding décor theme will include lauhala mats, centerpieces made of leaves, ferns, and tropical flowers, pineapples, palm fronds, sand, tropical bird figurines, coconuts, torches, and fabrics for draping in tropical colors such as red, green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow. Bringing in genuine or artificial palm palms in a pot, old surf boards, bamboo screens, Hawaiian tikis (statues), and torches are some other suggestions. To create a tropical vibe, weave palm fronds through the backs of chairs. Pampas grass is a popular tropical wedding décor. Water, shells, colored glass pebbles, and floating candles should be placed in glass fish bowls. A table runner composed of tropical flowers and leaves can be employed.

  • Surf Shack-Inspired Bar
  • Surfboards should be propped up throughout the area, against the bar (cardboard cutouts)
  • Pink flamingos that are inflatable
  • Palm trees that inflate
  • Hibiscus blossoms (artificial will do)
  • Table skirting made of raffia
  • Seashells
  • Coconuts
  • Flowers


Choose tropical flowers local to the region where your wedding will be place. Orchids and birds of paradise, for example, may be found on many Caribbean islands and make lovely bridal bouquets and centerpieces. A combination of fern, ivy, lemon leaf, pampas grass, or lily grass produces a stunning look. The following are some popular tropical bouquet options.


These lovely Hawaiian flowers are perfect for larger floral arrangements. They can be pink, red, white, or orange with green striations.

Strelitza, also known as the Bird of Paradise

These are simple to find and operate. They are a well-known and recognized tropical flower by the majority of people. When put in a huge arrangement, they look lovely.


The orchid has been the traditional wedding flower for decades. They are more fragile and, as a result, more expensive. You can order them directly from the grower and save a lot of money. They also have a pleasant aroma.


From an architectural sense, this is an incredibly appealing flower. They can provide important height to a huge arrangement.

Frangipani or Plumeria

Choose plumeria for a bouquet that is both beautiful and aromatic. They come in a range of colors and complement other flowers well.


Despite its beauty, this flower is not commonly utilized. They are merely transitory. You will not be disappointed if you have a destination wedding and have the opportunity to purchase these freshly picked.

Many tropical flowers are rather pricey when purchased from a florist. If 

you desire them but don't have the money, consider getting them straight from a grower and making your own tropical bouquets. It's easy to do and will save you a lot of money.


  • Add squewers to a tropical fruit tray as a centerpiece.
  • Pork roast
  • BBQ
  • Fish
  • Fruits mashed
  • Bananas, papayas, watermelon, mango, and pineapple are all examples of tropical fruits.
  • Macadamia nut
  • Cakes with pineapple upside down
  • Barbecued banana dipped in chocolate YUM!
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails
  • The Aloha Heartbreaker and the Hawaiian Heartbreaker


For the groom, a pair of white linen slacks and a white shirt will suffice. Sarongs can also be worn by men. A white sundress with a white sarong in various lengths would be a simple alternative for the bride. Halter, strapless, ombre, or tie-dyed gowns in ocean colors are non-traditional but excellent for that ocean, tropical beach setting. The bridal party might also be dressed in white, or they can choose tropical colors to complement the wedding theme.

When choosing your gown, keep the weather in mind. Short gowns are appropriate for this occasion because walking in the sand may cause fabric damage.

Bridal Shower Makeup Concepts

  • Blue, turquoise, and gold eyeshadows
  • Mascara, thick eyeliner, and lid liner
  • Lipstick in bright red, orange, and cerise pink


Wedding invitations are a key feature because they are the first impression your guests will receive of your wedding. Tropical wedding invites are a great way to start your wedding planning by expressing the theme to your guests. These are bright, lively, and inviting, and they may be customized. You can make them yourself, hire a designer, or have them made just for you at an internet store.

Flower motifs can be incorporated into tropical themes, and floral designs are a popular choice for invites. There are many of flower kinds available, with the hibiscus being a popular tropical flower. Using sea-blue and green with beige, turquoise and brown, or even hot pink for this blossom can still create the tone for an elegant yet light-hearted event. 

Beach and tropical wedding themes are currently and have always been popular for summer weddings. This brings to mind Hawaii, beach sunsets, palm trees, and coconut groves, strolling hand-in-hand along the beach, paired footprints in the sand, and names written inside hearts in the sand close to the coast.

Beach sand sprinkled on glued paper, miniature shells, starfish, and dolphins, as well as ribbon, thread, or twine, can be used to embellish invitations. All of the ingredients needed to make these invitations are available at your local scrapbooking store. If you don't have the time or interest to make your own tropical-themed invites, there are a number of stores that can do it for you at a fair price.

Destination invites are great if you're planning a destination wedding. They will highlight your selected destination and attract your friends and family to celebrate with you. Choose a tropical theme for your wedding invites that combines some of your destination's beauty and charm and guarantees that every part of your wedding is unforgettable.


As a finishing touch to your wedding, try selecting tropical wedding favors to give to your guests and bridal party. These favors could include objects that have been engraved or personalized, as well as simple novelty items with a tropical theme. Personalized tropical themed place settings can also be made by writing your favorite poem or phrase on tropical themed bookmarks.

Fill cube-shaped favor boxes with tropical-flavored sweets and top with a huge silk, paper, or real flower head, such as a lily or orchid. If you're using fresh flowers, add them at the last minute to avoid wilting and keep them somewhere cool until you're ready to distribute them.

Elegant Card Holders

Look for place card holders embellished with pineapples, birds, or flowers from various favor vendors. Guests can take your name cards home with them and use them as a photo holder in addition to giving them.


Make an appealing fan available to your guests to help them stay cool in the tropical heat! There are many different styles to choose from, including personalized paddle fans, finely carved wooden fans, and fabric fans. Choose ones that match your wedding colors, or go for a natural hue and add a pop of color with a ribbon.

Fill some palm tree-shaped treat boxes with tropical delicacies or coconut ice!


Serve tasty cookies with tropical summer themes to your guests. Flip flops, ice pops, ice cream, bikinis, sun hats, and palm trees are all suitable options. Edible wedding favors are always popular, and cookies are an excellent way to personalize your favors.


Give your guests a cocktail mix, such as a Pina Colada, so they can recreate your wedding day at home, especially if you serve it as your signature drink during cocktail hour. You might also include a lovely cocktail shaker, glass, or other cocktail-making accouterments.


You are not forced to buy pricey ones; after all, they are merely for amusement. Check to see if you can get some with brightly colored arms that can be customized. They'd make great photographic subjects!

Tropical Beach Themed Wedding Stationery