If you're an engaged couple looking to have a wedding for less than $5,000, the Low Budget We dding Network® is the place to go. We offer great content for those looking to plan a wedding on a budget, as well as a number of free online resources (no sign-ups required) to assist with that process, such as printable budget wedding planning guides, wedding planning checklists, and wedding invitation templates and printables. Our website and friendly Facebook group make all this and more available at no cost to you. 

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About LeahG®

This is an old photo but one of my favs because it features my beautiful furry soul mate Fred (now over rainbow bridge). I have two children (grown now) 3 cats, 1 dog (also adorable fur babies) am an avid crafter, love needle felting, sculpting with dry air and polymer clay and making homes for fairies!


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Welcome to the Low Budget Wedding Network!

I am LeahG®. I founded the Low Budget Wedding Network® a few years ago with the intention of creating a one-stop space for engaged couples planning low-cost budget weddings. Like you, I myself had to plan a wedding with a limited budget (less than 4k). As such I am aware of the challenges and difficulties that can arise as a result of this, as well as the fun that can be had if you are an avid bargain hunter like myself, who enjoys nothing more than scoring a good deal and coming up with innovative ways to save money. I love thrift stores, and charity shops and there is nothing better than a day of successful bargain hunting. It can give you quite a buzz!

My previous experience, before having children (who are all grown up now), was in health and business management; however, I left that career behind to become a full-time work-from-home mother 18 years ago. For the last few years, I have been creating design templates for Zazzle, including those for gifts and invitations.

Upon learning that couples in my
wedding group did not have Zazzle on their radar for affordable wedding invitations and save the dates, I decided to introduce a budget wedding range to Zazzle. I was able to devise a method for producing inexpensive invitations without sacrificing the design or print quality in any way. As a result, budget wedding invitations on Zazzle came into existence. Since then, it has rapidly gained popularity due to many other designers hopping on the budget bandwagon and including budget priced invitations in their wedding collections. 

This is a fantastic turn of events, and I am very proud to have been the catalyst for it all. However, I would so much appreciate it if you could support the Low Budget Wedding Network® by selecting us for your budget wedding stationery and invitations.

You will notice that the Low Budget Wedding Network® website does not contain any annoying popups, intrusive advertisements, sign-up sheets, or registration requirements. This is my assurance to you that I am sincere in my desire to assist couples who are planning their wedding on a low budget in their efforts to find ways to cut costs. I do, of course, make money via royalties from sales of my designs (like you I need money to live), but to put things in perspective, if I sell one hundred budget wedding invitations at $28, I generally make less than $1.50 , which means that the low budget wedding invitation range I offer and enthusiastically promote is most definitely a labor of love. 

For the purpose of assisting couples and spreading the word about low-cost budget weddings, I put in a lot of work and many hours to create free wedding guides and attractive printables. There is no obligation to sign up or make a purchase to access these. As we say  - Saving You Money One Step at a time! 

Have fun planning your wedding, come and chat with us in our group, and help us out by pinning and sharing our photos, website, and products.

Thank you and chat soon!


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