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20 Low Budget Wedding Venue Ideas

Low Budget doesn't mean compromising on a memorable, stylish event. 

Dress your venue up with floral and greenery garlands, tulle curtains, LED lights and 

DIY rustic elements easily sourced locally and around the home.

20 great ideas for low budget wedding venues include:

  1. Backyard wedding - BBQ, Buffet, Picnic style
  2. Camp-Out - Forest, woodland, everyone brings a tent, weekend fun
  3. Riverside - Find a spot with tables and benches
  4. Castle Ruins - beautiful photo opportunities - ensure amenities provided nearby
  5. Community Hall - hire the space
  6. Church Hall - hire the space
  7. Village Hall - hire the space
  8. Sports Hall - hire the space
  9. Local School - rent the sports hall/assembly hall
  10. Restaurant, bar - choose a quaint rustic venue
  11. Air B+B - some beautiful properties for hire at value prices - maybe a pool party
  12. Boat Trip- combined with dining onboard
  13. Farmers Field hire - provide amenities
  14. Large Camper van for catering an outdoor event/provide shelter
  15. Historical properties that hire indoor or outdoor spaces
  16. Picturesque gardens that hire the outdoor space and access to amenities
  17. Beach Front - ensure amenities, party into the night BBQ, Fireworks, sparklers, bonfire
  18. Garden Party - vintage afternoon tea theme
  19. Woodland Wedding - ensure flat ground and amenities provided.
  20. New Hotel/Restaurant with offers as seeking new business