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10 .10 .2020 Weddings

October tenth twentytwenty is a day many of our engaged couples chose for their wedding day.  In some cases this was always the date they intended to marry and in others it was the new date based on the unique challenges we've all faced in 2020 with the Pandemic, social distancing and restrictions on weddings. To show our soon-to-be-wed couples how beautiful their wedding can still be in 2020, here are some wonderful photos our real wedding couples have shared from their 10th October 2020 weddings.

significance of 10 10 20

Astrological and Numerological significance of 10 10 2020

"In numerology, the number 10 represents strength and potential, and brings us an energetic opportunity to clear our karma and pave the way for a limitless fresh start. We're feeling a double-dose of this vibe on Oct. 10, making it a great time to start embracing freedom in all aspects of our life. Additionally, a liberating once-a-year Venus/Uranus trine aspect in the skies will blast us with an added dose of cosmic excitement on the same date."  Source

If you were married 10 10 20 and want to be included in this feature please email us your pics and married name to us via [email protected] or via our group page.

Artistson & Kiyana Leatherbury Wedding

October 10th 2020

10 10 20 real weddings
10 10 20 real weddings
significance of 10 10 20

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wedding 101020

Wedding Dress - David's Bridal

Allover Sequin Off-the-Shoulder Sheath Dress - A sleek off-the-shoulder  silhouette is encrusted with pearly matte sequins of different shapes and sizes for an elegant, Old Hollywood-esque wedding style. An alluring skirt slit, perfect for showing off a gorgeous pair of shoes, completes the look.

western wedding real

Beautiful photos submitted by Tina Ireland