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How To Plan A Budget Wedding for less than $5,000


Planning a low-budget wedding for less than $5000 can be a challenge which is why we have prepared a detailed low budget wedding planning guide that you can use to kick start your wedding planning process and dip into as you go along.

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Best Budget Wedding Invitations trending 2023

Our Top 4 Invitation Brands - Comparison of Prices and Services

Digital Templates - print your own wedding invitations

You can make great savings by printing your own wedding invitations. You can edit online after buying a template set from sites like ETSY, editing for FREE via Canva (thousands of images and lots of editing tools to create a unique item) and then download to print yourself or via another budget-friendly print service such as Printsoflove

After purchasing the above-mentioned templates from Etsy, you will automatically receive a PDF doc to your email. This document includes a link to CANVA, where you can sign up for a free account and begin editing your templates. I have included two PDF documents with some basic editing and downloading instructions so that you can get started right away. The tools provided by Canva are extremely equivalent to those provided by other image editing software suites. You can alter the template's size, change the colors, change the font type, and add images and graphics using the extensive menu that they provide.




If you want to print your wedding invitation, you can save it as a PDF file when you download it, but you can also save it as a PNG or JPG file if you want to send it via email or text message instead. If you choose to send your wedding invitations via email, not only will you save money on printing and postage, but you will also reduce the amount of paper that is wasted. Many guests are now willing to accept invitations in the form of digital or online evites; however, you shouldn't forget about those guests who still value paper invitations as mementos, or who attach them to their refrigerators as a visible reminder, etc. In the event that you choose to print the invitations on your own, a light card weight for printed invitations is 300gsm.  Printsoflove is our printing partner should you wish to have them printed professionally at budget prices.



Cheapest Wedding Invitations online Flyers from  $0.28 / £0.28 

SHOP $0.28

SHOP $0.28

As the founder of The Low Budget Wedding Network®, I am always looking for fresh and innovative ways to assist engaged couples in saving money on the stationery, decorations, and gifts that they will need for their wedding. As a consequence of this, I've devised some creative approaches to lessen the cost of your wedding invitations without compromising the quality of the design or the printing. With sales and volume discounts you can purchase one of my flyer invitations for as little as $0.28 or £0.28. These budget-friendly flyer invitations don't skimp on quality but still come in at a reasonable price. These are flyer paper invites, light weight (like regular flyers you get through your door). Envelopes are not included but you can buy these cheaply locally or online or print yourself. Printsoflove is our printing partner should you wish to have them printed professionally at budget prices. Check out our reviews here

SHOP $0.28

SHOP $0.28

Budget Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Budget Prices from less than $1 / £1 via Amazon and PickyBride

50 Sets Tri fold Love Hollow Laser cut Pocket Wedding Invite Invitation Card Jacket (Black, Only Invitation cover) perfect for a Gothic, Halloween themed wedding.

Less than $1 each.

( no inner paper & no envelopes)

SHOP Amazon

25 or 50 Set Luxury Pocket Wedding Invitations by Picky Bride, European-style Upgraded 5 x 7” Invitation Cards for Wedding / Bridal Shower / Gold Envelope Included 127 x 185mm, 5 x 7. 

Approx $1.60 or less

SHOP Amazon

Purchase your laser cut wedding invitations from PickyBride. Besides their own website, Pickybride also operates an Amazon store (if you prefer to shop via them). If you want to send your wedding guests something special, laser-cut invitations, which have the appearance of delicate lace, are a great option. The laser-cut casings can be personalized in some cases, while in others you can print your own inserts to fit them. Check out our curated collection to see the many styles of laser-cut wedding invitations we offer, from traditional to modern, elegant to whimsical, and everything in between. A ribbon and pearl embellishment will take your creation to the next level.

Picky Bride 50 Pcs Rustic Laser Cut Lace Wedding Invitations Kits, 5" x 7.3", Rustic Kraft Blank Invitations for Wedding, Bridal Shower, Engagement invite. 

Approx $1.38

SHOP Amazon

Adas Bridal 50Pcs Glitter Floral Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Cards with Envelope Blank Inner Sheet and Ribbon for Wedding Engagement Bridal Shower Party Invite(7.09 X 4.92inch, Rose Gold)

Approx $1.20

SHOP Amazon

Budget Classic Wedding Invitations

In most cases, classic invitations have a design that is minimalistic, and they use a font that is clean and conventional. In most cases, they do not feature any elaborate decorations, but some of them might have a discrete logo or monogram. A traditional invitation is the way to go if you and your future spouse are looking for something that won't ever look old fashioned. If you are having trouble deciding on a particular theme for your invitations, a safe bet is to stick with the classic options.

Classic PHOTO QRCODE Wedding Invites from 0.30


Photo overlay wedding invitations and save the dates are very popular. Couples can now add their engagement photos to the back (makes a great keepsake as this picture can be framed) or to the front in place of graphic design elements. Our budget photo wedding invitations are from 0.28.

MIX'n'Match Rose Pink Moss Green Fall Wedding SET


Monochrome invitations with gold typography or plain black/white are ideal for the modern couple who like simple, minimalist and contemporary wedding invitation design. We have a wide selection of monochrome invitations in all colors and you can add your own background color as desired to match your wedding theme.

Greenery Wedding Invites PHOTO & QR Code from 0.30


Eucalyptus leaves and other greenery and foliage are popular choices for weddings and as such are the perfect choice when illustrated in watercolors on wedding invitations and save the dates. We have a whole store dedicated to greenery themed invitations, you can visit it here.

Budget Rustic Wedding Invitations

You will have a number of options available to you in the form of rustic-style cards when it comes time to send out wedding invitations. Wood, burlap, and lace are some of the common graphic themes used in the creation of rustic invitations. The traditional, floral, and everlasting style of these invitations makes them an excellent choice for use in conjunction with a rustic wedding.

budget rustic wood lace gypsophila  wedding invitations


Invite your guests to a rustic country, barn, or woodland themed wedding by sending them rustic wedding invites. There are numerous alternatives for budget rustic wedding invitations, and we offer a variety of layouts to choose from. Rustic wood backdrop, strings of lights, a wooden love heart, mason jars with Gypsophila (baby's breath) and lace border are some of the elements in this design Wedding invitations for as little as $0.35!

budget rustic sunflowers wedding invitations


Rustic Sunflowers themed wedding invitations are the ideal method to inform your guests that your wedding will be rustic rural, barn forest themed. These rustic invites come in a variety of layouts, and we have several inexpensive budget rustic Sunflower wedding invitation options. Budget  Sunflower floral wedding invitations start at $0.35.

Floral Wedding Invitations

You can anticipate a plethora of innovative invitation ideas for your wedding in 2023 or 2024, including on-trend colors and designs, sophisticated layouts, photo overlays, and striking typefaces. These elements are all likely to be available. There are more options than ever before for fall and winter weddings, as well as quirky design elements. Vintage botanicals and florals are popular, as are dusty color combinations, rustic spice tones, barely there color accents, new foil invites, and lace accents. Wedding invitation trends for 2023 and 2024. 

Red Roses Forest Green Gold Wedding Set
Forest Green and White Roses Wedding Set
Timeless Purple Wisteria Wedding Suite

Digital Online Invitations - Evites 

There are many advantages to sending wedding invitations over the internet. To begin, let's have a conversation about the financial side of things. It won't cost you a dime to send digital invitations the vast majority of the time. You can still save money by sending out paper invitations, even if you choose to send out digital invitations to your guests (as we mentioned above with our own selection of budget flyer wedding invitations). Stationery items such as save the dates, information cards, and RSVP cards are just some of the stationery items that many engaged couples choose to send via digital online invitations and evites.  The use of paper can be reduced thanks to invitations sent electronically. As a chic, design-focused, and up-to-date alternative to traditional stationery, online wedding invitations and planning websites have become increasingly popular in recent years. Online invitations, also known as "e-invitations," are perfectly acceptable for the vast majority of contemporary weddings however, they may not be the best choice for a more traditional wedding or one in which guests value the sentimental aspect of paper wedding invitations and want to keep them as mementos of the day. If this is the case, paper invitations may be a better option.

How to make your own online wedding invitations

Websites like Canva offer a wide variety of free templates that can be modified to suit your needs if you are just starting out in the world of design. You can use the site's editing tools to design a custom wedding invitation, which you can then save and download as a PNG or JPG file, ready to be sent via email or text message to your guests.

Featured Budget Wedding Invitation Brands

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Zazzle Budget Wedding Invitations

We've seen firsthand how rapidly the costs of a wedding can mount. Furthermore, we are aware that you have high standards for your wedding decor and don't want to make any concessions in that regard. So we set out to build a brand via Zazzle that provides wedding stationery that is both beautiful, offers top quality printing and while being low cost and inexpensive. Save money and be a savvy shopper by ordering low-cost budget wedding invitations leaving you free to spend that money on your wedding dress, venue or photographer. 

Benefits of buying budget wedding invitations from zazzle include:

  • Low prices from $0.28 / £0.28
  • FREE LIVE Designer service (see their 'LIVE' tab in sidebar to access this service)
  • 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee
  • Leading brand with years of experience in delivering print on demand products
  • Thousands of easy to edit wedding invitation templates with matching stationary and decorations , favors, gifts and more.
  • Sales with up to 50% off!

PHOTO Budget Wedding Invitations 0.35 or less
Budget GREENERY Wedding Invitations 0.35 or less

Minted Budget Wedding Invitations

For beautiful, modern wedding invitations, Minted is a great option, starting at $1.60 per card. They offer a wide range of design options as well as add-ons like addressing, envelope liners, and guest booklets. Added benefits include:

  • Free wedding invitation sample kit
  • Free wedding website
  • FREE live concierge service

Etsy Budget Wedding Invitations

Etsy is a great option for couples looking for unique and handmade wedding invitations. Prices for invitations on Etsy vary depending on the seller and the materials used, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.50 to $10 per invitation. Services offered by Etsy sellers include custom design, printing, and assembly.



You can also purchase wedding invitation templates online for a budget price via Etsy, and then use free editing software to personalize them. Canva is a popular website for making templates because it's easy to use, free, and has a wide variety of premade layouts, graphics, and editing tools that can be customized to create something truly unique. Create an account with Canva immediately and use their resources without spending a dime.



Amazon Budget Invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, Amazon offers a variety of prices and services to choose from. For those on a budget, there are a number of options under $25. For those looking for a more premium experience, there are also a number of options that offer premium services, such as invitations with matching envelopes and RSVP cards. Amazon also offers a variety of shipping options, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.